Australian School Sets Up Makeshift Koala Shelter

January 9, 2020 at 3:02 pm

With hospitals running out of room, and orders to shoot orphaned marsupials, one school is setting up a “tent city” for burned koalas to recover in

With koalas already on the verge of extinction, the largest wildfires in Australian history have potentially pushed the lovable creatures over the edge.

Even more disturbing, now the Australian government is ordering firefighters to shoot orphaned koalas and kangaroos.

“Rather than being handed over to rescue centers, the document advises any orphaned ‘milk dependent joeys’ found in the fire zone should be euthanized,” reports.

The government justifies this decision by claiming these animals “require significant long term care and cannot be successfully returned to the wild,” Yahoo! News reports.

But volunteers from around the world have come together in a heroic effort to rescue the marsupials from the fires and potentially from disappearing from the planet.

The latest example of this is the rapid construction of a makeshift koala recovery center at a school.

More than 100 burned, dehydrated and homeless koalas are living in a tent-city of sorts in the halls of an elementary school.

“An around-the-clock team of more than 150 volunteers, including 80 trained veterinary staff, moves tent to tent tending to weary patients,” reports

The recovery center includes an intensive care unit, a burns unit, and trees for those ready to climb.

The animals will be released back into the wild once they regain full health.

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