Dutch Artists Turn Van Gogh’s Art Into Giant Parade Floats Made of Dahlias

A parade in the Netherlands celebrates Vincent Van Gogh with giant flower floats inspired by his art

An annual parade in the Netherlands called Corso Zundert celebrates the country’s reputation as a global supplier of dahlia flowers.

Similar to the American Rose Parade, only with dahlias, local artists create a series of giant floats adorned with thousands of thousands of flowers each year.

The year with the coolest theme ever may have been 2015, when the dahlia parade was dedicated to the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh.

The globally esteemed Dutch artist was born in the parade’s hometown – Zundert – 167 years ago.

“Nineteen teams took inspiration from the famous artist by creating towering sculptural floats with the colors, motifs and imagery of his signature style, including several interpretations of Van Gogh’s self-portraits,” CreativeBoom.com reports.

Here are some of the highlights: