Jane Goodall Plans to Plant 5 Million Trees in 2020

Joining the effort to reforest the planet, Jane Goodall commits to planting 5 million trees by the end of the year. 

Jane Goodall, known for saving the chimpanzees, is now on a similar mission to save our forests.

The famed primatologists’ Roots & Shoots program connects young people across 60 counties in an effort to reforest the planet.

The organization has committed to planting over 5 million new trees this year alone.

The group has a larger goal of planting a trillion trees in the next 10 years, as part of a joint effort with the United Nations’ 1 Trillion Trees Campaign.

“Now is the time for everyone on the planet to do their part.” Goodall said in a statement.

The World Bank estimates we’ve lost almost 4 million square miles of forest since the start of the 20th century.

Whether it’s clear cutting for agriculture, mining, cattle gazing, or wood products, one thing is clear, we’re losing about 1,000 football fields of forest every hour.

Often referred to as the “earth’s lungs,” our forests provide us with oxygen, while also absorbing carbon dioxide.

Not only do they provide clean air for us to breathe, they also provide food and shelter for the abundant wildlife hidden under its umbrella.