Cat Patios — aka “Catios” — are The Latest Way to Pamper Your Beloved Kitties

February 15, 2020 at 9:49 pm


“Catios” let cats experience the great outdoors while keeping them safe

Worried about your cat getting run over or eaten by a coyote?

Well, now there’s a way you can breathe easy while your little fur ball gets some fresh air and sunshine.


The “Catio” is a patio for cats. It’s basically a safe, screened-in outdoor structure for cats, just like a patio for humans. It brings them closer to nature, while protecting them from predators and cars.

It can be as simple or luxurious as you want, with some cat owners creating elaborate cat playgrounds – tunnels, bridges, slides and all.

Catios give “crazy” cat people the chance to get really creative.

Or, if you’re not the creative type,, has downloadable designs that are easy to build using basic materials and can be installed next to a window, on a deck, or in a backyard.

Catio Spaces was founded by cat lover Cynthia Chomos to “help cat parents from all over the world solve their indoor/outdoor dilemma.”

“The inspiration behind Catio Spaces is my tabby cat, Serena, I wanted her to enjoy the stimulation of the outdoors while protected from a variety of outdoor hazards. I transformed my backyard patio into a catio and created a space we could both enjoy with a water fountain, seating, shelves and cat safe plants.”