Man Creates Magical Nature Art out of Leaves, Flowers, Sticks and Stones

Every this time man goes for nature walk, he leaves a stunning surprise for those who follow

Using what Mother Earth gave him, British landscape artist, Andy Goldsworthy, makes the most amazing sculptures using brightly colored flowers, leaves, stones, twigs, pine cones, thorns, mud, snow and even icicles.

“I think it’s incredibly brave to be working with flowers and leaves and petals. But I have to: I can’t edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole,” said Goldsworthy.

While some of his critics consider his art to be too fragile and transient, Goldworthy says that’s the point.

“It’s not about art,” he says. “It’s just about life and the need to understand that a lot of things in life do not last.”

“When I make something, in a field or street, it may vanish but it’s part of the history of those places,” he said.

“In the early days my work was about collapse and decay. Now some of the changes that occur are too beautiful to be described as simply decay,”

“At Folkestone I got up early one morning ahead of an incoming tide and covered a boulder in poppy petals. It was calm and the sea slowly and gently washed away the petals, stripping the boulder and creating splashes of red in the sea. The harbor from which many troops left for war was in the background.”

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