While Humans are Social Distancing, Elephants are Stealing Their Wine and Partying

14 elephants broke into Chinese villagers’ wine vats, partied in their tea gardens and then passed out

While Chinese villagers were quarantined, a rebel group of elephants broke onto their land in search of food and booze.

They ransacked a grain alcohol store and drank 30 liters of corn wine between them, The Daily Mail reports.

Photos of the drunken elephants romping around in a neighboring tea garden and then falling asleep have gone viral:

“Many elephants are fond of alcohol and seek it out – and return to places where they found it before,” conservationist Parveen Kaswan wrote on Twitter.

“In tribal belts people hide country-made alcohol but somehow elephants find it,” he wrote.

“They mark the houses also where they found that last time. If they see drunk people they get irritated also, since it was not shared with them.”

Watch video of the drunken elephants dosing off here: