“Victory Gardens” Come Back in Vogue Thanks To Coronavirus

March 25, 2020 at 5:14 pm

People are planting WWII-style “victory gardens” to combat potential food shortages and isolation during quarantine

During World War I and World War II, the leaders of many nations called on their citizens to “dig for victory.”

“Victory Gardens” supplemented rations and boosted morale, while agricultural workers were off at war.

Though we are fighting a whole new kind of enemy today, we face a similar threat of potential food shortages in coming months.

If migrant agricultural workers fall ill and/or can’t cross the border during lockdown, we could see certain supply chains dry up.

In response, “patriots” around the world are planting backyard – and front-yard – gardens to provide a steady supply of nutritious food during quarantine and for the economically uncertain years to come.

Nurseries around the world are selling out of veggie seedlings and fruit tree saplings.  One in Australia says sales have tripled since coronavirus shutdowns started.

“The good old days are over forever,” says the founder of the new Facebook group Victory Garden Revival.

“Skills not passed down to most of the new generations since World War II, will have to be resurrected for ourselves and others.”

For instructions on how to grow a “rapid response” victory garden click here.

Or for a longer-lasting, more sustainable garden, try a permaculture forest garden. Here’s the Bible on the topic: Gaia’s Garden.