Super-Rare Dwarf Kingfisher Photographed for the Very First Time

The Dwarf Kingfisher has eluded photographers for 130 years, until now

This brightly colored little bird, native to the Philippines, was captured by Dr. Miguel David De Leo.

After working an extremely busy morning as a vitreoretinal surgeon, he somehow mustered up the strength to lug his camera and march an hour uphill into his bird hideout.

His perseverance would pay off. Once he was settled in, it didn’t take long for his prize to appear.

For close to ten minutes this rare bird stood out on a branch flaunting its beautiful pastel colors and unique black bill.

“I was so, so thrilled,” said Dr. De Leon, who’d been searching for this bird for over three years. “I felt like my chest would explode.”

Dwarf Kingfishers are known for their striking plumage of metallic lilac, orange, and bright blue spots.

This brightly colored bird is the smallest species of forest King Fishers. While it maybe be small,  it’s also quick and fast.

Darting from branch to branch, this rare bird has been eluding scientists trying to capture it on film for over a century.

Until now, researchers have been only able to write about it but thanks to Dr. De Leon we’ll have some pictures to go along with it.

While it’s truly a miracle to capture this bird on film, it’s also under threat of extinction due to loss of habitat.

Dwarf Kingfishers like to dig little holes into the earth to build their nest.

Not only do they use this soil to build their homes, they also use it as a food source. They eat all kinds of critters such insects, earthworms, small lizards, and other invertebrates.

But when the soil is stripped fungi and bacteria, it limits what can grow and thrive there.

When the shrubs and other plants that normally grow are destroyed, so too are the insects that the birds eat.

To help these ecosystems thrive please be a good steward of the earth by: eliminating single-use plastics, supporting organic foods, conserving water, using fuel efficient vehicles and natural cleaning supplies.