Photographer Captures Rare Photos of Minnesota Black Wolf

According to Native American legend, black wolf – or “spirit wolf” – sightings serve as warnings that major life lessons are about to unfold

Nature photographer Conrad Tan recently took a trip to Minnesota to capture images of the abundant the wildlife there and was lucky enough to have a rare encounter with a black wolf.

Also known as the “spirit wolf,” black wolf arrives on the scene as a messenger, according to Native American mythology. Black wolf sightings are thought to serve as a warning that a major life lesson is about to unfold.

Known for their penetrating eyes, the haunting animals have been known to strike fear and terror in those it appears to in dreams, visions or meditations.

Even though these wolves have a black coat, they’re still part of the grey wolf family. Colors vary from wolf to wolf, depending on location.

Black wolves get their color because of a genetic mutation that increases dark pigmentation.

The pigment mutation is far more prevalent in North America than in Europe, suggesting a cross between domestic dogs populations likely occurred in North America.