California Fills Skate Parks with Sand. Skateboarders Shovel it Out and Keep Skating.

April 21, 2020 at 5:46 pm

You can take their beaches, bike paths and hiking trails, but Californians said the state went too far when it tried to take their skate parks

At least two California beach cities are enforcing social distancing by dumping tons of sand into skate parks. In one of those cities, skaters decided to fight back.

A group of San Clemente skaters and surfers joined together with shovels and buckets (and even dustpans) to scoop out 37 tons of sand dumped into their beloved skate park to keep them out:

But before they did, they took advantage the sand-filled pits as the ultimate dirt bike course. The epic act of civil disobedience was filmed by motocross videographer Connor Ericsson.

“Took advantage of the all the sand the city dumped into the San Clemente skatepark then helped some local skaters dig it all out so they could do some ‘social shredding,'” he wrote on Instagram:

The skate park was built using private donations and filled with sand using tax dollars.

San Clemente Skatepark Coalition, the local nonprofit that raised $50,000 to build the park, said that the city didn’t even reach out to contact them before deciding to dump the sand.

“We have a pretty far reach with the skate community, we would have been happy to spread the message,” the non-profit’s president Stephanie Aguilar told the San Clemente Times. “But there was no warning or anything.”

“There’s a lot of people within our community who have put a lot of time and money, personal money . . . into the skate park,” she added. “That visual representation of the city dumping sand into the skate park, it almost feels like, when you look at it, the city vandalized its own park, and I think it pains people to see it.”

Along with skate parks, all parks, beaches, bike paths and trails in Los Angeles County are closed until at least May 15 in Los Angeles County as part of the state’s efforts to enforce “social distancing.”