Customer Leaves Entire $1200 Stimulus Check as Tip for Family-Owned Restaurant

Patron leaves extra generous tip for favorite small, local restaurant in hopes it survives coronavirus

Regular patrons of a small, family-owned restaurant in Arkansas left the staff a giant tip for a curbside takeout order last week.

“We just started crying and thanking God because it came at a time that most of our staff really needed it,” said Allison Hall, who manages her parents’ Colonial Steakhouse.

“It’s their whole stimulus check!” the waitress sobbed as she told the owners.

The tip was just the right amount to share evenly between all 12 of the restaurant’s employees – including those that have been temporarily laid off – $100 each.

The restaurant has only had enough business to justify staying open 3 days a week for curbside pickup, thanks to the coronavirus quarantine.

“We’ve been just barely getting by,” Hall said. “We’re making it though.”

“We’ve been open for a very long time – nearly 50 years – so we’re stubborn and we’re not giving up.”