Volkswagen Beetle Repurposed Into an Old-Fashioned Mini Bike

Here’s how to transform the original VW Bug into a sweet mini-motorcycle

The original Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most popular vehicles of all time.

Not wanting to let them go when their engines finally break down, fans have found all kinds of ways to repurpose their parts.

The “Volkspod” mini-bike is one of the coolest we’ve seen.

Brent Walter decided to use the most iconic part of the VW bug – the round, bubbly fenders – as the body of a mini-motorcycle.

He made two Volkspods out of one bug by welding one front fender and one back fender together for the body of each mini-bike.

The headlights and taillights are preserved, making them look like cute, one-eyed monsters:

The wide handle bars it make it feel like you’re riding an over-sized beach cruiser:

The green Volkspod is equipped with a 3hp motor, making it more of an eyepiece than a road warrior.

However, the blue one has higher ground clearance and a 212 cc motor, making it more fun to ride around town in.

Walter describes himself as the “maker and builder of a variety of things.”

Check out his Instagram account as he has been documenting the entire creation progress of the scooters there.