Man Builds Wife’s Chickens a Mini “Coop Town” And it’s The Cutest Thing Ever

This mini Wild West town is a rootin tootin good time

While the world is in lockdown, pet owners are getting more creative with how they design homes for their animals.

Whether its cat patios for their feline friends or luxurious dog houses for their hounds, one thing is for sure, Americans go over-the-top for their little pets.

Such is the case for a man who built a “Wild West” town for his wife’s chickens.

This tiny coop town is equipped with with hotels, cafes, and even a jailhouse for miscreants.

Such meticulous detail was put into each structure and the builder really did think of everything when it comes to aesthetic details of the buildings.

Chickens are free to stroll down the boardwalk, eat a local cafe or even spend the night at a fancy hotel.

If, however, they’re caught downtown and they’re not wearing a mask, or social distancing, they might have to spend the day in the “Big House” 😉

Maybe the local blacksmith can forge the chickens an iron beak.

Maybe stop and get a shot or two of chicken feed at the local saloon.

Or maybe relax in the big barn.

Ah, after walking through town, they made need some refreshments at the Rooster’s Ridge watering hole.