Pedal Through The California Redwoods For The Ultimate Outing

Custom-made rail bikes let visitors see the world-famous Redwood Forest in a fun new way

There’s a new and fun way to explore the beauty of Northern California’s Redwood Route.

Skunk Train recently announced they’ll be allowing visitors to explore the 1000-year-old forest on a two-person, pedal-powered apparatus called a rail bike.

Located in Fort-Bragg, Skunk Train, has been taking tourists on scenic train rides through the 300-foot-tall trees since 1885.

While the train still runs multiple times a week, adventure-seekers who are looking soak in the scenery at their own pace, can now enjoy the rail bike instead.

These custom-built bikes sit securely on the rail tracks, as you quietly pedal your way through the 1.5-hour-long journey.

It doesn’t matter what your age or skill level are, the bikes are easy to operate and include optional motorized assistance for when you need a break or would simply like to focus on the sights.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to photograph wildlife, including ospreys or blue herons.

You won’t have to worry about noisy trains either, as they operate at different times of the day.

So, if you’re in Northern California and looking for the perfect date for two, this could be your jam.

Buy tickets for two for $90 here.