5 Reasons to Stop Poisoning Yourself with Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is super toxic, weakens immunity (detox pathways) and creates antibiotic-resistant super bugs. Soap and water work just as well.


Hand sanitizer still contains dangerous chemicals that have been banned in hand soap. Additionally, the FDA says they are no more effective at getting rid of pathogenic germs than soap and water, while recent studies confirm they are contributing to the creation of super-bacteria.

Read the following 5 reasons why you should use hand sanitizer sparingly, if ever.

1. It creates super bugs.

Several studies have shown that the overuse of antimicrobial chemicals like triclosan — found in hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap — is contributing to antibiotic resistance in bacteria, a major public health concern.

At least two million people in the United States fall sick—and about 23,000 die—from antibiotic-resistant infections every year.

A study published in August found some bacteria have mutated so that they can resist even strong alcohol hand sanitizers.

A 2011 study found that hand sanitizer actually increased the risk for norovirus. Hospitals that experienced norovirus outbreaks were six times more likely to use hand sanitizers, rather than soap and water, for routine hand hygiene.

2. It is super toxic.

Most hand sanitizers contain the hormone-disrupting chemical triclosan, or its cousin triclocarbon. These are readily absorbed by the skin and have been shown to impair thyroid function, damage our liver and muscles, and depress the central nervous system.

The FDA recently outlawed the use of these toxic chemicals in hand and body wash, but not in hand sanitizer.

Additionally, a study published in Plos One showed that because hand sanitizers increase the permeability of the skin, using them and then handling receipts causes the body to absorb BPA, a hormone-disrupting chemical.

3. It weakens immunity.

The Hygiene Hypothesis, published by Dr. David Strachen in 1989, argues that overly sterile environments are weakening children’s immune systems and contributing to the rise of allergies and illness.

Unchallenged by microbes, immune systems remain stunted, says the hypothesis. Some even believe underdeveloped immune systems can result in serious illness later in life, including diabetes and nervous system impairment.

4. It damages your skin

The alcohols used in hand sanitizers include isopropyl, ethanol, and n-propanol, all of which are very drying and irritating to the skin, stripping away its natural oils and acid mantle, dehydrating cells, and increasing the risk of contact dermatitis.

5. It hurts the environment.

Aside from all the pollution created by the plastic bottles hand sanitizers come in, the nasty chemicals we mentioned earlier end up in our water supplies when we wash our hands.

In 2002, the U.S. Geological Survey detected triclosan in more than half of the 85 rivers and streams tested in 30 states.  A 2013 paper by the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies reports the chemicals are commonly found throughout the American water system, where they the development of drug-resistant bacteria, the institute says.

Someday we’ll learn warring against Mother Nature is the same as warring against ourselves.

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13 responses to “5 Reasons to Stop Poisoning Yourself with Hand Sanitizer”

  1. Jacob Avatar

    You’re first point is patently false. Using an anti microbial sanitizer and antibiotics are completely different. You do not get antibiotic resistant bugs from using antimicrobials. You may get anitmicrobial resistance by the overuse of antimicrobials but you can only get antibiotic resistant bacteria by over prescribing ANTIBIOTICS that you take orally or IV.

  2. Yvonne Farnsworth Avatar
    Yvonne Farnsworth

    It’s too bad Trump doesn’t
    understand what is and isn’t good for the soil air and water, course we all need to research and study more to care for the earth.Thank you for your timely info.

    1. Diana Avatar

      Yeah, hand sanitizer use is Trunp’s fault.

    2. Ali Avatar

      Are you suggesting it’s Trump’s fault that hand sanitizer is toxic? You’re delusional.

    3. Ffff Avatar

      And it doesn’t take very long for the anti-Trump snowflakes to turn this into a political debate.

    4. BJ McDonald Avatar
      BJ McDonald

      What does President Trump have to do with hand sanitizer!

  3. Jenny Turnbill Avatar
    Jenny Turnbill

    and your qualifications are?

  4. Jim Scheff Avatar
    Jim Scheff

    Triclosan isn’t in all hand sanitizers. Some, like Purell, are just alcohol, gelling agents, and fragrance. Instead of trying to scare people about using hand sanitizers (which can be useful), why not explain what triclosan is and recommend that people use hand sanitizers without it?

    1. BarleySinger Avatar

      Soap & water kills germs just as well as biocides, but without the superbugs & skin absorption of toxifiers.

      FYI, Perell is poisonous. If you can’t eat aa substance without real danger it should not be in direct contact with your ski, because skin in not an impermiable barrier.

    2. Lori weller Avatar
      Lori weller

      Anything with fragrance is toxic…they contain chemicals and lots of them!

  5. Jennifer A Avatar
    Jennifer A

    I seen a homeless man sitting at tim hortons. I was just about to buy him a soup and sandwich when he suddenly reached in his bag and drank a bottle of sanitizer. So this being said I could just imagine what it is doing to his insides. So so sad!!

  6. Yoga Sadana Avatar
    Yoga Sadana

    Can we replace triclosan with chitosan ? Chitosan is not chemical antibacteria

  7. Dorothy Avatar

    Maybe Yevonne is qualified to read the ingredients look them up and share what she learned.
    What kind of qualification does one need, to learn about ingredients in anything????