Bison are Becoming Beach Bums On Catalina Island with Tourism at an All Time Low

July 16, 2020 at 3:00 pm

Man snaps photo of bison on the beach on recent trip to California’s Catalina Island

Strange as it seems, around 150 bison roam wild on California’s Catalina Island. A movie producer brought them to the island nearly 100 years ago and couldn’t afford to ship them back.

They typically stay high in the hills, munching on the grasslands, but a tourist recently caught them on camera relaxing on the beach.


According to the comments, locals frequently spot bison of the beach in the photo – a campground called White’s Landing – during the off-tourism-season (fall or winter).

But this photo was taken in May, when the beach would usually be packed with campers if not for CoVid19.

A Google search of “bison+beach+Catalina Island” shows only a few images snapped by locals over the years. This image seems to be the first where a bison is actually lying down.

Twitter commenters who’ve camped at the beach say they’ve heard or seen them running near the beachfront campground before, but no one had ever seen them make themselves this at home.

It seems the animals get to enjoy their first summer soaking up the sun with the beach all to themselves!