Recycled Wood Pallets Turned into Stylish Tiny Homes For the Homeless

Architect finds a cheap, efficient,eco-friendly way to shelter the homeless 

Susan Wines was on a mission to build the ultimate house for homeless refugees, made out of recycled materials.

At first, her and her fellow architect, Azin Valy, had failed at everything they tried. It wasn’t until Susan tripped over a bunch of pallets on a walk that the idea came to her.

The two architects got to work ripping apart pallets and organizing them into various floor plans.

After a few trial and errors, they finally came up with the perfect low-cost, tiny structure. What they came up with was a work of art.

With sleek lines, these tiny houses have a modern look.

In addition to their contemporary style, they’re also quite practical. Check out this cool built-in bench.

If you thought the outside was impressive, checkout what they’ve done to the interior. A light grey paint has been applied to the inside pallets, while long, slender lights hang from the ceiling.

The skinny walls don’t take up much room, making it easy to divide up living areas.

The designers spaced out the wood to create an easy-access ladder to the loft, which can fit a full-size bed.

Take another look at how these minimalist lights blend in well with the simplicity of the the pallets.

Plans for these pallet homes can be had for $75. These cheap builds could help homeless people all over the world. Check out the designers’ website for more information.