These Blacknose Sheep Look Like Stuffed Animals, But They’re Real

July 22, 2020 at 2:59 pm

These adorable Swiss sheep are now being bred in the U.S.

Looking for a pet that’s super cute, cuddly and looks just like your favorite stuffed animal? Well, Valais Blacknose (Ovis aries) sheep check off all those boxes and then some.

Originating in Switzerland, these animals are cherished for not only their cute looks, but for their provision of super soft wool and meat.

These wooly creatures are a large breed, that’s both strong and hardy. Males and females both have spiral horns on their heads. A large black patch covers their entire face, making it difficult to see their eyes, and adding to their stuffed-animal resemblance.

While it’s hard to find a pure-bred Blacknose sheep outside of Valais, Switzerland some farms in the U.S. are starting to breed something pretty close.

Foxglove Farm in Junction City, OG is importing semen from the UK from high quality Valais Blacknose Sheep rams.

They take this quarantined semen and inject into high quality pure-bred, female sheep from another breed. This produces something very close to the original.

“We are part of the very first importation of these gorgeous creatures’ genetics, and we had beautiful F2 (3/4) lambs and an incredible F3 (7/8) ram lamb this year!!,” according to their website.

Here in the U.S. sheep aren’t as popular because they come across as less intelligent that other barnyard animals, such as cows and goats.

However, cows and goats don’t provide both meat and wool. Plus these sheep look as cuddly as can be.