20 Extraordinary Flowers That Look Exactly Like Animals, Aliens, Fairies, and Other Strange Creatures

You won’t believe these flowers are real, but they are!

Mother Nature is full of all kinds of bizarre, wonderful surprises if we look at her creations through the right set of eyes.

Below are 20 flowers that will make you feel like you accidentally ate a magic mushroom and got lost in Alice in Wonderland.

1. The Naked Man Orchid

Orchis Italica

2. Dancing girls

Impatiens Bequaertii

3. Swaddled Babies

Anguloa Uniflora

4. The Happy Alien

5. The Angel Orchid


6. The Moth Orchid

7. The Duck Orchid

8. The Laughing Bumble Bee Orchid

9. The Monkey Face Orchid

10. Hooker’s Lips

11. The White Egret Orchid

12. The Ballerina Orchid

13. The Ice Cream Tulip

14. The Flame Lily

15. The Darth Vader Flower

16. The Snap Dragon Seed Pod

17. The Bat Flower

18. The Jeweled Carpet Flower

19. Purple Morning Glory

20. The Hanging Lobster Claw Flower