Man Builds Elaborate Toy Castle Out of Thousands of Pebbles

Without any Legos or instruction manual, this man built this amazing castle out of pebbles, shells and broken glass.

Hobbyist DeWitt “Old Dog” Boyd began building pebble houses as toys for his kids decades ago.

Then, in 2007, he got started building an entire pebble “town” behind his church in Calhoun, Georgia.

The “Little” Town of Bethlehem

Today, the Calhoun Rock Garden features a collection of over 50 whimsical pebble structures, including castles, cathedrals, villages, bridges and moats.
Boyd even built replicas of historical places like the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, the Coliseum of ancient Rome, and the “little town of Bethlehem,” as well as mythical buildings like Rapunzel’s tower.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Rapunzel’s Tower

His creations are made simply from tiny stones, pebbles, shells, broken glass, cement, wire and hours of dedication.

“It was to keep me out of trouble, I’m kind of a scoundrel,” Boyd says of his years of work.

The free tourist attraction is located behind the Calhoun Seventh Day Adventist Church on 1411 Rome Road.