Melon Hammocks Made From Nylon Stockings

Here’s an easy, cheap way to support your melons so you don’t lose ‘em


Growing melons on a trellis has become a popular way to save space, avoid pests and prevent rot.

But trellises create a new problem for melons… the stems of the large fruits are likely to snap with all that weight hanging from them.

And when they do, your prized cantaloupes or honeydews are likely to split open and splatter all over the ground.

To remedy this obstacle, YouTuber MIgardener came up with a cheap, easy solution — nylon stockings.

You can find some cheap at your local thrift store, or see if your grandma has any old one lying around. MIgardener found three pairs for a dollar at his local dollar store.

Three pairs of stockings yields 12 melon hammocks by cutting open each of the 6 legs lengthwise and then cutting those in half.

Securing the hammocks around the melons takes about 30 seconds per melon. Simply tie each end to a higher point on the trellis so the melon is slightly lifted, taking the weight off the stem. Watch the video here.

So for a couple of dollars and a few minutes of work, you can ensure your months of melon tending won’t be wasted.

If you don’t want to use nylon (which is made from plastic) natural fibers should work as well.