Holland Becomes First Country to Home Every Stray Dog

August 19, 2020 at 2:14 pm

There isn’t a single homeless dog in the Netherlands, here’s how they did it:

The Netherlands is the first country on Earth to completely eradicate dog homelessness.

Less than a century ago, the country was teeming with stray dogs. But in the 1960s, The Animal Welfare Act was passed and since then over a million dogs have been taken off the streets, without euthanasia!

How did the Dutch do it? First, by sterilizing all stray dogs, and then by incentivizing their adoption with tax breaks, while dis-incentivizing “pet store” puppies (often bred in puppy mills) through high taxes.

Adoption is now at all-time high in the country, with one in 5 Dutch adults owning at least one dog.

To ensure, they are responsible pet owners, the country has passed strict laws against animal abuse backed by 3-year prison sentences and fines of 16,000 euros.

Sterilization services are free for all dog owners, and luckily European vets routinely offer more humane varieties of sterilization such as ovary-sparing spays and dog vascetomies, which allow the animals to keep their sex hormones.