Calm Your Mind By Coloring Sea Shells

Coloring sea shells is a new, fun way to alleviate you of your worries, while boosting your creativity.

Coloring has helped millions of people all throughout the world relax and feel calm as soon as they put the marker to the page. One woman, though, has come up with an even cooler way to color.

Using a 1.0 size sharpie, Barbara Moloney Callen, gently traces the lines that naturally occur in sea shells. This simple tracing produces a beautiful color contrast of blue against white, making for a stunning photo.

Not only is this beautiful to look at but according to a new study taking up coloring can help reduce stress and improve creativity in adults.

Researchers discovered that after 20 minutes of coloring, participants were more   relaxed and calmer.

The amygdala, which is the fear center of your brain, gets a much needed break.

When your brain is focused on the lines of the shells instead of the worries of the world, a gentle mindfulness and quietness takes over, creating a meditative like experience.

With the mainstream media’s never ending cycle of fear-mongering, maybe it’s time we put down the remote and pickup our sharpies.