Pickling Eggs Preserves Them for 4 Months and Makes Them Extra Delicious

September 1, 2020 at 5:44 pm

Got extra eggs? Pickle them for a quick and easy super-food snack that will last throughout the winter!


Many of us have taken up backyard chickens for the first time in our lives and may find ourselves with an abundance of eggs at the end of summer.

Here’s a delicious way to make them last through the winter months, when your ladies may not be laying so many.

Fresh, unwashed, pasture-raised chicken eggs can safely last at least 3 months in the fridge. Pickling them adds 3-4 months on top of that. So you could potentially enjoy your farm-fresh, or backyard-fresh, eggs up to 6 months after they were laid.

That’s just enough time to get you through to next spring on your own egg supply, especially if eggs are dated and rotated accordingly.

Not only is pickling a great preservation method, used by our great grandparents before refrigeration, it is making a comeback as a culinary delicacy.

As one “prepper” blogger points out, what was once considered nasty “bar food,” is now becoming an expensive hors d’oeuvre at upscale wine bars and restaurants.

Check out her blog Practical Self-Reliance for egg-pickling recipes and tips. For a few more probiotics, you can try fermenting your eggs too.

You can make different pretty colors by pickling or fermenting in various brines, such as beet kvass or a tumeric bug.