Goat Hops in Police Cruiser, Eats Paperwork, Then Head-Butts Officer

September 9, 2020 at 6:35 pm


Adventurous goat makes its way into police cruiser for its midday meal ticket 

In Georgia, an unwanted passenger made its way into a patrol car. The suspect in question was a goat who thought an officer’s paperwork looked like a good afternoon snack.

A Douglass County deputy left the door open in her cruiser while dropping off some civil paperwork in rural part of town. During the brief time she had her back turned, the goat made its move and hopped in the front seat.

When the officer returned, she saw the goat sitting in the front seat eating her documents. Bodycam footage posted to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page shows the whole thing (warning she cusses a little).

After a bit of a struggle, the officer managed to get the goat out of the car. However, the goat had the last laugh, as it headed butted the officer to the ground before making a run for it.

Luckily, the officer wasn’t harmed in the incident.

“At the end of the day we all got a little laugh out of it and we hope you do as well,” said the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.