Daddy Dolphin Kisses Diver After He Rescues Pregnant Mom Dolphin From Fishing Net

Amazing dolphin solicits human for help, leading him all the way to his mate who’d gotten tangled in fishing net while giving birth

Many years ago, the world-famous Italian diver Enzo Maiorca was diving in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syracuse, Sicily. He was on a campaign to save Bluefin Tuna, but ended up saving much more than he bargained for that day.

As he entered the water he felt a dolphin nudging his back. He soon realized the dolphin wasn’t trying to play, but to communicate and solicit his help.

Once he had his attention, the dolphin dove down about 12 feet, and Enzo followed. There he saw another dolphin tangled in an abandoned fishing net.

Enzo swam up and called to his daughter Rossana, who was on a nearby boat, for his diving knives. Within a few minutes, the two managed to cut the drowning dolphin free (dolphins can survive under water without air for about 10 minutes) and use their arms as a stretcher to carry the exhausted animal to the surface.

As the dolphin emerged from the water, she let out “almost a human cry,” according to Enzo.

Then came a surprise. Soon “after breathing out foam and blood, she gave birth to a dolphin calf under the watchful eyes of her mate,” Enzo said in a retelling of the story. “The little one was led to his mama’s nipples by gentle strokes of the adult dolphin’s beak. I like to think that on that day we reunited a family.”

Shortly after the rescue, the male dolphin circled Enzo and Rosanna, “stood” up, and touched Enzo’s cheek with his beak “like a kiss,” says a viral version of the story on Facebook.

How did Enzo know to follow the dolphin? “I maintain that his brain waves influenced our minds,” he said.

′′Until man learns to respect and to talk to the animal world, he can never know his true role on Earth,” he added.