Photographer Discovers Bees that Sleep Cuddled Up Together in Flowers

October 22, 2020 at 5:45 pm

Apparently, there’s a species of bees that sleeps in flowers, and yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds!

A wildlife photographer and his fiancé were looking for poppy flowers in the Arizona desert and stumbled upon an amazing surprise – two bees snuggled up together inside a flower!

On their drive home to Phoenix, they stopped to photograph something similar to poppies called orange Globe Mallow hidden inside a patch of larger pink flowers.

“Nicole was shooting this orange Globe Mallow plant … and she heard the bees buzzing about,” photographer Joe Neely told Bored Panda.

“Then she noticed that some of the flowers had bees in them, but they were not moving.”

The couple studied the phenomena for a while and watched as more bees arrived on the scene, entering the flowers one by one, as if it were nap time.

“Soon, all the vacant flowers were occupied, and this one bee was left out. She crawled over to this open flower and got inside with the other one. I was watching as she stumbled around almost drunk-like and then got settled in.”

Later Neely learned that the bees are named after the flowers they sleep in, eat from and help create through pollination – Globe Mallow bees!

“I never knew that bees slept in flowers but as it turns out this type of bees sleep in orange flowers called Globe Mallows,” he said.

You can see more of Neely’s work on his website, Facebook, or Instagram.