DIY: Learn The Simple, Yet Surprisingly Satisfying, Art of Rock Wrapping

November 13, 2020 at 7:04 pm

Want to save money on Christmas gifts and teach the kids a cool new nature craft? Wrap up some rocks!

A strange new hobby is trending on Pinterest, Etsy and YouTube – wrapping rocks.

It may sound silly, but some for reason people are loving these plain old rocks wrapped with leather cord.

Inspired by a world-famous knot tyer’s instructional videos, people are trying their own hands at the craft and sharing images of them all over the internet.

The simple stones are transformed into stunning centerpieces and jewelry by wrapping leather cord around them and tying it into an elaborate series of knots.


The patterns can be as complex or basic as you want.

You can start with something simple for the kids.

And when you want to go pro, try some of these:

Learn to make dozens of these patterns yourself on this awesome YouTube channel “Tying It All Together.”