Painted Acorns Make the Perfect Christmas Ornaments

December 2, 2020 at 7:46 pm

 Have the kids make their own Christmas ornaments this year

The above photo of acorns painted in psychedelic patterns is going viral on social media.

The little seeds of the oak tree have never looked so adorable as they do with a coat of brightly colored acrylic paint and lots of tiny details. You might mistake them for tiny Easter eggs if not for their little brown hats.

And it looks like the unknown artist was not alone in his or her crafty idea. Acorns painted in all sorts of designs are popping up all over Etsy and Pinterest.

This craft blogger provides pretty simple instructions for how to make your own… essentially:

1. Gather acorns in fall or buy them here if you don’t have any oak trees

2.Bake them on 170 degrees for 2 hours

3. Paint with two layers of acrylic paint

4. Use fine brush to add details

5. Let dry

6. Hot glue any caps that may fall off in the process

You can make them into decorations for every holiday season:

CREDIT: Christy’s Corner Studio

CREDIT: Christy’s Corner Studio