Snow Owl and Fox Caught on Tape “Doing The Tango” on Wild Winter Night

Surveillance camera catches a snow owl and fox masquerading each other in an epic showdown 

A young fox and snow owl appear to be “dancing” with each other in a video going viral on Facebook.

In actuality, they’re probably sizing each other up the other for a late dinner.

Before they officially meet, the owl does a fly-by over the fox, checking out tonight’s potential main course.

Snow owls have been known to take animals as big as lemmings for their dining pleasure.

While snow owls generally hunt during the day, meals can be hard to come by during the winter, prompting a midnight snack hunt.

As the two square off in the middle of the street, the fox slowly circles the bird, suggesting he too could be looking to expand on his traditional diet of fruits and berries.

As the fox makes its way around the owl, the owl puffs up its chest, suggesting the fox should slow its roll.

What ever happened between the two remains a mystery, as all that’s left for a clue is fox prints in the midnight snow.