Fisherman Risks Life on Thin Ice to Save Exhausted Baby Deer From Frozen Lake (Video)

January 19, 2021 at 12:33 am

Amazing rescue shows the depth of human compassion for animals.

Two men were ice fishing in Utah when they noticed a baby deer stranded in the middle of the frozen lake.

The fawn had apparently slipped on the ice and couldn’t get back on its feet. The poor animal appeared exhausted from slipping and sliding around, until its legs collapsed and it could not lift itself from its belly.

“I looked over there and squinted, and said ‘Dude, that’s a deer!’ We gotta go save it of course!” fireman, fisherman and hunter Bransen Jackson told his local news station.

“We slowly just started making our way over there, at one point my friend’s boot actually went through a crack in the ice. So it was really thin, but I was like ‘we can’t just let this deer sit there.’”

Afraid the deer would “thrash and kick,” but not knowing what else to do Jackson picked it up in his arms like a baby.

“It was super calm, super docile, like it kind of understood OK these guys are going to try and help me.”

When the ice started to crack beneath the combined weight of Jackson and the deer, he “just hurried up, took off for the shore and hoped for the best.”

Lucky for both of them they made it unscathed. As you can see in the video below, the deer appears happy (though probably sore and still a bit wobbly) to be back on dry land as it prances away: