Man Feeds Dozens of Raccoons on His Porch Every Night (Video)

January 23, 2021 at 9:34 pm

While many go to great lengths to get rid of raccoons, this man spends $2000 a month feeding them

Jim Blackwood, a retired Canadian police officer known as the “Racoon Whisperer” feeds over two dozen raccoons on his back porch almost every night.

It started when his wife rescued orphaned baby raccoons 20 years ago. After nursing them and releasing them into the wild, they kept coming back. And over time they brought their friends. And then more and more friends.

Blackwood continues to feed them night after night since 2003, when his wife died of cancer, as it was her dying wish that he would take care of them.

He uses the ad revenue he collects from his viral feeding frenzy videos to buy food for the critters, which costs a whopping $2000 a month.

He mainly feeds them hot dogs and dog food, but sometimes cooks and bakes for them.

While the video is adorably cute, wildlife experts recommend strongly against feeding wild animals as it can make them sick and cause them to overpopulate.