Amazon Tries to Block Vote of Warehouse Workers Who Want to Unionize

January 25, 2021 at 6:23 pm

“Sweatshop” conditions in Amazon’s warehouses have been called “worse than Walmart”

Amazon is the 2nd largest employer in America, after Walmart. As the mega-monopoly continues to grow and expand services, it could soon be the largest.

As the online-seller-of-all-things has gained more share of more markets over the last few years, reports have come out of the company treating its employees worse and worse.

We wrote a story a couple of years ago about Amazon shackling its warehouse workers with tracking bracelets, that not only follow and analyze their every move, but “nudge their hands in the right direction when they make a mistake.”

Now, the 6000 employees of one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Alabama are fighting back by attempting to unionize.

Knowing that if they succeed it could set the precedent for all Amazon warehouses to unionize, the company has done all it can to prevent the process.

For years, Amazon has avoided unionization by training managers to spot and put an end to organizing activity.

Last December, the company tried to delay a National Labor Relations Board hearing of Amazon workers requesting a union election.

And this month, Amazon appears to be attempting to disenfranchise employees by blocking mail-in voting.

The labor board had approved a mail-in election that would give Amazon workers plenty of time to mail in their ballots, nearly 2 months, between Feb. 8 and March 30.

Instead, Amazon wants to offer a one-day, in-person only vote at the “polls” in its warehouse. They’ve filed a request for this with the labor board.

The labor board could become even less favorable to Amazon now that Biden has fired its general counsel Peter Robb, a longtime opponent of labor groups.