America’s First Human-Composting Funeral Home is Open for Business

Americans finally have an environmentally friendly way to die – composting themselves.

It’s hard to think of a more environmentally friendly way to leave your body than in the soil. But until now, Americans have had no legal option to do so.

Limited to a coffin or cremation, we’ve not been allowed to let our bodies decompose in the earth since time immemorial.

Finally, we have an environmentally-friendly burial option. Last year, Washington state became the first to legalize composting humans when they die, and now the first composting funeral home is officially open.

Appropriately named, “Recompose” funeral home enables us to transform our loved ones’ bodies into new life via the process of composting.

Our human bodies can now feed the soil that feeds the plants that feed animals and ultimately us again. As strange as that may sound, it’s also beautiful. The complete circle of life.

Much more romantic sounding than rotting slowly in a box, treated with chemicals intended to prevent you from biodegrading, under mono-crop mega lawns treated with Roundup herbicide, in my opinion.

Recompose can compost bodies from all over the country and mail you the soil created by your loved one.