Rare White Buffalo Spotted in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains

February 15, 2021 at 6:40 pm

To Native Americans, the return of the white buffalo represents the dawning of a new age of good fortune and peace on Earth.

A white bison has been born in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. The new arrival is part of a herd of 25 brown bison that roams a 10,000-acre nature park called Dogwood Canyon.

The extremely rare blonde bison came as a delightful surprise to the parks managers, who have named him Takoda, a Sioux word meaning “friend to everyone.”

A white bison’s birth “was once an exceptionally rare occurrence, with some estimates stating that only one in 10,000,000 bison were born white,” Dogwood Canyon director of wildlife Jeremy Hinkle tells Prevention Magazine.

But the occurrence has become more common in the last couple of decades thanks both to luck and breeding efforts by conservationists.

“A surprising number of ivory bison are being born in the West, confounding geneticists, delighting the rest of us, and, we hope, fulfilling a Native American prophecy of peace and goodwill on earth,” writes for Cowgirl Magazine.

“The phenomenon is becoming more common due to crossbreeding with cattle as a result of attempts by ranchers to save the species from extinction after original populations plummeted to only a few hundred between 1830 and 1900,” Hinkle said.

The population has now rebounded to about 400,000 bison in the United States. No one seems to know exactly how many of those are white, but ranching experts believe it is fewer than 50.

11 of those have been born at a ranch in Oregon, since the first in that herd spontaneously arrived in 1997. The ranchers have verified the herd is 100% Native American bison, with no cattle DNA.

Missouri’s Takoda is also pure bison.

According to legend, the White Buffalo Woman appeared to the Lakota people around 2000 years ago. She shape-shifted into a snow-white buffalo before disappearing into the setting sun. She promised to return during a time of great shift and transformation to guide Earth’s people toward peace and wisdom.

The birth of a white buffalo is now seen as the harbinger of a new and enlightened era.