Mother Hen Found Taking Care of Two Small Kittens During Snow Storm

February 22, 2021 at 4:01 pm

Compassionate chicken keeps scared kittens safe and warm during a storm

The factory-farmed chicken industry would have us believe chickens are dumb, unfeeling animals, but pictures like this prove these birds are more intelligent and loving than many humans.

The photo, of unknown origin, has been circulating the internet for at least four years. and is now making its rounds again.

Some say it was taken during a snow storm, some say it was a thunderstorm.

Either way, the two tiny kitties look super cozy and grateful to be snuggling under the warm breast of their feathered friend.

And the hen seems quite content mothering them, even though they could easily kill her when they grow up.

It’s not the first time a hen has mothered members of another species. This one was found babysitting kittens in 2008, and this one has been looking after a family of cats and kittens for two generations!