Troops Deployed to Capital are Now Getting Sick from Spoiled Food and Hunger

March 5, 2021 at 4:48 pm

American soldiers are getting fed worse than prisoners while defending the Capitol. Whistle-blower reveals images of raw meat, moldy bread, rotten fruit and metal shavings in meals.

A rotting orange served as part of lunch. Credit: WLUC-TV6

More than 5000 National Guard soldiers remain semi-permanently stationed at the U.S. Capitol building nearly 2 months after the presidential inauguration.

A few weeks ago, photos surfaced of soldiers sleeping on marble floors, lawns and parking garages in and around the capitol building.

Now, soldiers are leaking photos of the spoiled food they are being served.

Raw “fried chicken.” CREDIT: ABC News

A whistle-blower shared images of raw chicken, raw beef, rotting fruit, moldy bread, and metal shavings they are being served.

Moldy dinner rolls. Credit: WLUC-TV6

“Yesterday, for instance, there were 74 different meals found with raw beef in them,” an anonymous staff sergeant from the Michigan National Guard told ABC News.

Raw hamburgers. Credit: WLUC-TV6

“Just yesterday, soldiers had found metal shavings in their food.”

Metal shavings found in chicken. Credit: WLUC-TV6

Metal shavings found in rice. Credit: ABC News

More metal shavings. Credit: WLUC-TV6

After the under-cooked food left more than a dozen soldiers vomiting – and many of them hospitalized –  complaints made their way up the chain of command.

“They said alright, we’re going to make sure we spot check them, and we’re also going to start having them add temperatures to it,” the whistle-blower said. “At 140, you cook that chicken – undercook it – to 140, and now you’re telling us that it’s a 30-minute drive.”

Undercooked chicken thighs. Credit: WLUC-TV6

The under-cooked meats had also been left lying around for up to four hours before being delivered to soldiers.

“This is what they say on the little placard that it’s good for four hours. No, it’s not. It wasn’t good from the start and now it’s had hours to become even more dangerous.”

In addition to problems with quality, there’s also a big problem with the quantity of food being fed to soldiers, the sergeant said.

For breakfast, for example, “you were getting maybe a Danish and some sort of juice,” the sergeant said. “And then we had certain days where it was clearly a dinner roll and Sunny D.”

Dinner roll for breakfast. Credit: WLUC-TV6

Governor Whitmer of Michigan has expressed her disgust at the news, as 20% of the National Guard members at the Capitol are from Michigan. The soldiers are now getting MREs – dehydrated “meals ready-to-eat” – until a new vendor is found.