10 Gorgeously Colored Eggs “Painted by Nature”

When it comes to colored eggs, no one does it better than birds.

Most people think of hand dyed Easter eggs when it comes to colored eggs. However, birds have been painting eggs the natural way for tens of millions of years.

While I’m sure many of you will claim be the Vincent Van Gogh of your Easter egg creation, check out these masterpieces created by the real professionals.



The eggshell color comes from pigments in the mother robin’s blood! Hemoglobin from ruptured blood cells is transformed into “bile pigments,” which are carried by the robin’s blood to where the eggshell forms. So she doesn’t need anything special in her diet to have properly colored eggs.”

King penguin:

Pear-shaped King penguin eggs  roll in a circle, not a straight line. This is good for the parents because they both carry them the under the flaps of their bellies until they’re born. Imagine having to chase after an egg in a straight line if it fell out of your flap.


Check out this avocado looking egg, which reaches 6.5 inches long. This is the third largest egg in the world, followed only by emus and ostriches.

Rock Bunting:


Wow, look at those Jackson Pollack like drizzle lines… super cool!


With its deep blue-green color, it hard to tell if these are Emu eggs or emeralds.

Great blue heron:

Both parents take turns incubating the eggs for 4 weeks.



The world’s largest egg is here and it weighs up to 3.3 pounds. That’s over two dozen chicken eggs.

Northern mockingbird:

These eggs are speckled with brownish spots on a blue-green shell. Male Northern mockingbirds are known for their intelligence because of their ability to learn over 200 different songs.



These teeny tiny eggs are the smallest of the lot. Even the largest humming bird egg is a minuscule 3/4 of an inch.


Evan our backyard buddies can produce some amazing looking eggs, ranging from coco brown by Marans chickens to blue and green by Auracauna chickens.