For the Cost of an iPhone, You Can Buy a Windmill that Will Power a Small House for Life

Super cheap, super efficient wind turbine could power your home for free for the rest of your life

An Indian startup company has developed a wind turbine the size of a ceiling fan that can generate up to 5 kilowatt hours of electricity per day for $750:

By comparison, household windmills currently on the market generate only a quarter of the electricity for almost twice the price:

“We are trying to revolutionize the industry by making clean energy to the common man,” says Arun George, CEO and founder of Avant Garde Innovations.

For the cost of an iphone, he says, people can be liberated from electric bills and oil dependence for at least 20 years (the guaranteed life of the turbine):





33 responses to “For the Cost of an iPhone, You Can Buy a Windmill that Will Power a Small House for Life”

  1. Peggy Avatar

    I want to know more about the windmill

    1. Doyann Avatar

      then click on the link for their company – it’s right in the article!

      1. Tina Avatar

        Except there is no info on what their idea of a small house is…or actual cost…or anything for anyone who wants information before turning over contact info.

        1. Andrew Avatar

          5 kilowatt hours. It is right there in the article. Just look on your electric bill to see your consumption.

        2. Renee Avatar

          It says it can make 5kw a day. Which would be right for a small house. Our house uses more than that, but it’s a good amount and certainly we should all try and use that much.

  2. pjholly Avatar

    More info and the contact info please.

  3. Andrew Avatar

    I want one for my house here in always windy Kansas USA

  4. Julia Madison Avatar
    Julia Madison

    I would like to know if they could be made available in Canada?

  5. Matthew Avatar

    Where can we find these windmills

  6. Di Avatar

    Send me the information on where to get this windmill

  7. Steve Briggs Avatar

    Not seemingly commercially available so far…

  8. Kait Avatar

    Is there any more information accessible? Is it on the market yet?

  9. Delia Langdon Avatar
    Delia Langdon

    Please tell me more.

  10. laura Avatar

    I would like to know more about power created by windmills.

  11. Ulf Avatar

    Please more info. Thx

  12. Janet Avatar

    I’m interested in purchasing one for my home. Do they install too?

  13. FR Avatar

    Where can you buy one of these $750 windmills?

  14. Janelle wilcox Avatar
    Janelle wilcox

    I would love more info as well

  15. Jeremy Avatar

    More info please

  16. Chic Tayao Avatar

    I am very interested to have one for my farm in the Philippines. How do I get one?

  17. Chic Tayao Avatar

    I am very interested to have on for my farm in the Philippines. How do I get one?

  18. Bart B. Avatar
    Bart B.

    3-5 kw for the price of a Iphone? I don’t think so. It says “educate” in the videoclip, it doesn’t say lie !!!

    1. Tony Avatar

      I think if you read it you will find it says 3.5 kwh per day. Quite different to a 3.5 kw turbine.

    2. Luis F Fernandes Avatar
      Luis F Fernandes

      It’s very small for a house in the USA, but a bigger windmill shouldn’t cost much more and connected to a battery pack and a assembly of solar panels, it could power up a good size home !

  19. Elsbeth Avatar

    I would like one for my home in Portland Oregon.

  20. Lynne Clark Avatar
    Lynne Clark

    Also, more information for me too.

  21. Walter Avatar

    I am intrested in one I am from south africa

  22. Donald John Avatar
    Donald John

    I just want to see how many people you triggered by using the words, “An Indian startup company”.

  23. Bruce Clift Avatar
    Bruce Clift

    A quick look at the numbers and keep kW and kWh very distinct. The size of the Indian machine (relative to the man working on it)would make me guess that it has an output of maybe 200W and so would make about 5kWh in a 24h windy day. The wind turbine from Amazon is 1200W (6 times bigger if my guess is right) and so should, on a windy day, produce about 29kWh compared to the 5kWh from the Indian machine. Of course it is more likely to produce only 30% of that – 9kWh.
    Depending where you live this technoolgy may or may not make sense. In places with poor or no electical infrastructure this might be a good idea. Here in Ontario, Canada, my power cost is 7 cents per kWh at night and 17cents in the daytime so a 5kWh per day machine would save me about 50 cents per day give or take; not worth the investment. Also in this climate I need a 30kW supply sometimes to keep my house warm on winter nights when there is no wind.

  24. Ron Avatar

    The problem with wind energy is the wind doesn’t blow 24/7