KFC Partners with Russian Bio-Printing Company to Bring 3D-Printed “Chicken” Nuggets to the Table

April 30, 2021 at 1:49 pm

KFC has figured out how to 3D-print chicken-less nuggets out of lab-grown meat cells

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been working with a Russian “bio-printing” company to develop 3D-printed “chicken” nuggets.

The company said in a press release  last summer that it wanted to be known as “the restaurant of the future” by becoming the first major chain to offer lab-grown, chicken-less “meat.”

They aren’t chicken, but they aren’t exactly vegetarian either.

The futuristic nuggets were developed in a Russian lab, where 3D “bio-printers” build them, one layer at a time, using “chicken meat cells” and plant material.

They supposedly look and taste very similar to real chicken, without requiring any actual chickens to produce, (aside from those who provided the cells to be copied).

While it can’t technically be considered vegetarian, the idea behind lab-grown meat, is that it will be acceptable to both vegetarians and carnivores because it could potentially eliminate the need for factory farming (so could raising animals on pasture, but hey, lab farming sounds sustainable).

The since-removed, but widely reported press release by KFC said they planned to pilot the new age nuggets in Russian markets last fall, but no updated announcements have been made about when the whole world might get to “enjoy” them.

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