Arizona Parents Overthrow School Board, Elect New One, and Immediately Repeal Mask Mandate

May 4, 2021 at 12:55 am

Hundreds of maskless parents and teachers flood school board meeting chanting “let our children breathe!” Board members flee, parents elect new board!

Hundreds of angry, maskless parents lined up to speak at a school board meeting in Vail, Arizona last week, after police escorted maskless third graders off campus and called CPS on their parents.

Fed-up with tyrannical government “health” measures, the mob’s signs demanded the board “unmask our kids” and “let our children breathe!”

Afraid for their safety, the board cancelled their publicly scheduled meeting and called the police.

Officer’s from the local sheriff’s department helped some board members sneak out the back door, while others locked themselves inside.

A video of the entire incident demonstrates that the crowd, though angry, remained peaceful and never once threatened violence.

They simply wanted to take turns voicing their concerns about what they called an authoritarian local mask mandate even after the Arizona governor had lifted the mandate for schools on a state level.

The protestors spent at least a half an hour educating officers from the sheriff’s department about their constitutional rights and powers and argued that the school board was violating open meetings laws by “adjourning” (cancelling) a public hearing before it even began.

“What are you going to do when a bunch of kids come to school without masks tomorrow?” one mother asked the officers.

“If we stand up this is over,” another said. “You can’t force medical devices on people – it’s against the Neremberg Code.”

After playing mediator for about an hour, a sheriff’s officer came outside to negotiate with the mob – the remaining board members said they would concede and allow 5 people to come in and speak for a total of 15 minutes, even though the public hearing was scheduled for 2 hours.

“Agreements have been made, either five people get to speak or no one gets to speak and the board leaves,” a sheriff’s officer said on the video.

“Either everybody goes in or nobody goes in, otherwise you’re negotiating with terrorists,” countered a parent who appeared to lead the pack.

He warned the crowd that this was the board’s way of “manipulating” them so they could say to the newspapers “we’ve held a public meeting, we listened to the people … we only had 5 people speak against the mask mandate.”

After sheriffs pleaded with the crowd to go home for about an hour, rumors spread that all the board members had “quit and gone home.”

“They quit? Perfect,” one parent said. “We’ve got replacements … If they’re not going to do their job, we’ll do it for them.”

Soon, parents started nominating and electing new board members, under a legal process known as “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

Once they had selected a representative from each of five districts, they held their own meeting, made a motion to repeal the mask mandate, voted and passed it unanimously, all within a matter of 15 minutes. (Government efficiency at its finest).

Whether the courts will uphold the unofficial “election” and its vote is yet to be seen, but as far as the maskless mob is concerned, they believe they have followed all of “Robert’s Rules” and legitimately elected a new school board.

Either way, the “old” school board has learned a valuable lesson… don’t push parents too far or face another “pitchfork rebellion.”