You Can Now “Sky-Walk” Through the Canopy of California’s Giant Redwoods

June 5, 2021 at 3:52 am


This summer tourists can get a fantastic new view of California’s old-growth redwoods without trampling their roots!

If you’ve ever walked under the giant sequoias – or redwoods – of Northern California you know what an almost spiritual experience it can be, as you are instructed to tread lightly and listen quietly to the wisdom of the ancient trees.

But no matter how careful our steps, decades of tourism to the remaining small patch of old-growth redwood forests have damaged their root systems and stressed the humongous trees.

Finally, the folks at Sequoia Park Zoo have come up with a solution – the Redwood SkyWalk.

Streching more than 1,100 feet from end to end, it is the longest skywalk in the Western United States.

The rope bridge is suspended about 100 feet in the air, connected by platforms about a third a way up the trunks of the tallest trees, and weaving through the canopies of younger, shorter trees.

The quarter-mile skywalk is located in Eureka, California, in the 67-acre Sequoia Park, where nearly half the world’s remaining old-growth redwoods reside.

The skywalks bridges are connected by platforms suspended from the trees, causing no impact the forest floor below. They are designed to “ensure negligible impact” on the trees’ trunks and allow them to continue to grow, according to the zoo.

While the platforms bring visitors much closer to the trees, guests are advised not to touch their delicate bark.

The entire walk is handicap-accessible, except an additional adventure portion, made of mesh nets that sway in the wind.

The Redwood Skywalk’s grand opening was June 4. Visit their website for hours and ticket information.