Why People Are Paying $20 a Gallon for “Living” Spring Water

People are breaking the bank for one of the rarest liquids left on Earth – pure, unadulterated spring water. Here’s how you can get it for free:‌


While some Californians worry about gas prices approaching $4 a gallon, others are spending $20 a gallon on water.

It’s not just any water though. It’s what consumers see as the only pure drinking water remaining on the planet — raw, “living” water from protected springs.

The water is unfiltered, meaning it still has all the beneficial minerals, and unsterilized, meaning it still has all the beneficial bacteria.

While opinion columnists from the New York Times to Fox News are mocking the trend as a “great way to catch cholera,” common sense tells us raw water enthusiasts may be onto something.

People have been drinking raw water from springs for millions of years. The only reason we filter and sterilize it now is because we’ve contaminated it. But have we considered what we’re removing along with the contaminants?

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When water travels through the rock layers of the earth and springs out the side of a mountain, it picks up all kinds of minerals and microorganisms along the way.

Many of the minerals present in high quality spring water are the very same minerals most modern humans are depleted in. And, there is mounting evidence modern life is too sterile and that we need more microbes in our diets… and even the most expensive “living” water might be cheaper and more effective than probiotics.

The good news is, you may live near a spring and be able to get “living” water for free. Find out on FindASpring.com.





2 responses to “Why People Are Paying $20 a Gallon for “Living” Spring Water”

  1. Walt Avatar

    I have an awesome spring on my land best water on Earth plus never ending supply 2000 ft deep springs flowers all over this half of my state left over from the Wisconsin glaciation period most of it the St Francis and Ozark aqufiers can flow up to 800 million gallons a day best damned water on the planet oldest maps I found days mine is or was called morning spring ..Lame I know .Thinking on changing that name but someone loved it I see why

  2. Vicky Avatar

    I have a true artesian well that is constantly overflowing and has wonderful cold water. I feel very fortunate. Poland spring/nestle is putting in a water extraction facility 3 miles from my house. I hope it doesn’t affect my well.