Potato Planter with Door Allows Easy Access to Spuds

June 24, 2021 at 7:17 pm

Take a sneak peek at your potatoes to see if they’re ready before uprooting them with this easy DIY planter box!


A lot of us are learning to grow our own food in these troubled economic times. Potatoes are a hearty choice that are easy to grow and can be stored for several months for year-round food security.

There’s one tricky thing about growing potatoes (and other root vegetables like carrots and beets) though. Unlike apples, berries or peas, you can’t see them to tell when they’re “ripe.”

You literally have to feel around in the dark (dirt) to harvest them. And, you run the risk of accidentally pulling out the whole plant, which will produce more potatoes if left undisturbed.

Some genius on Etsy has come up with a solution to that problem – planter box with a door.

Open up the door for a sneak peek at your root veggies anytime you like. This allows you to make sure they’re big enough to harvest, and gives you easy access to pluck them out without damaging the rest of the plant.

Detailed instructions for building your own can be bought on Etsy for $6.5o. The estimated total cost for materials is $35, but could be less if you already have wood.


If you’re not into DIY, there are lots of cheap peek-inside potato planters on Amazon.