Snapdragon Flowers Look Eerily Similar to Skulls When They Die

July 20, 2021 at 12:17 am

Snapdragons are among the cheeriest, colorful flowers when in bloom, but when they die they give gardeners the chills

If there were a flower to symbolize death metal, snapdragons would be it. These beautiful flowers turn into miniature skulls when they die.

Snapdragon flowers get their name because when you squeeze both sides of the flower it looks like a dragon is opening and closing its mouth.

And, if you’re looking to creep out your friends, you can open and close the mouth on the miniature skull that remains when the petals fall off.

While they’re known for their ghostly appearance when they die, Snapdragons are truly¬† beautiful flowers and are mainstays in many gardens across the country.

Because of their spooky look, some ancient cultures thought they held supernatural powers. So carry one around with you if you’d like some good luck.

Another urban legend claims that if you consume one you’ll be blessed with lifelong beauty.