Dutch City Transforms Its 300 Bus Stops Into “Bee Stops”

July 27, 2021 at 12:27 am

Utrecht brings pollinators back to the city by planting wildflowers for them on top of all its bus stops

In an effort to remedy the biological deserts created by “concrete jungles,” one of the Netherlands’ largest cities has transformed its bus stops into “bee stops” by planting wildflowers on their rooftops.

Though they are small, these little patches of nature could be enough to help migrating bees and butterflies survive their journey through cities, and maybe even incentivize them to stay a while and pollinate an urban garden or two 😉

In addition to providing food for these beneficial insects, the tiny rooftop gardens capture rainwater and fine dust emitted by vehicles.

They provide natural cooling for those sitting under them, as trees and other plant-life are known to cool surrounding air in cities.

The bus stops are mainly covered in sedum plants, favorites of pollinators, which require very little water.

The City of Utrecht also pays residents to transform the rooftops of their homes into bee sanctuaries!