Tesla’s New Solar Roof Shingles Are More Efficient Than Panels and Way Better Looking

Solar “shingles” last 3 times longer than regular roofs and don’t cost much more

Why buy solar panels when you can have a solar roof?

Elon Musk’s new glass solar “shingles” are the most efficient solar “panels” on the market.

At $2 per watt, Tesla’s solar roof provides the lowest cost per watt of any solar panel system in the country, the company’s website claims.

You’ll pay a bit more for that type of efficiency upfront – with solar shingles costing about twice as much as solar panels per square foot – but you’ll make up for the difference over time with almost twice the efficiency of a typical system.

And when you factor in the fact you won’t need another new roof within your lifetime (they last three times longer than regular shingle roofs – around 75 years) you’re saving even more money in the long run.

Another bonus – unlike ugly solar panels, solar roofs are among the most beautiful roofs in existence.

“We can make roofs come alive,” Musk said in a recent conference call with the press. “There are all these roofs out there just gathering sunlight, but not doing anything with it. In the future it will be odd for roofs to be dormant, or dead, or not gathering energy.”

Telsa’s New York factory recently produced it’s first mass batch of shingles – enough for 1000 houses – a couple of weeks ago, and now the company is hiring roofers to install them, so you  should be able to order yours soon!