Mother and Daughter Elephants Reunited After 12 Years Apart

August 4, 2021 at 11:42 pm

An elephant never forgets! Mother and child embrace with out-stretched trunks just before being reunited in German zoo.

A German zoo just reunited a mother and daughter elephant after 12 years of separation.

The 39-year-old grandmother (Pori) hadn’t seen her 19-year-old daughter (Tana) since she was 7, when they were separated for breeding purposes.

Pori also got to meet her two granddaughters Tamika (4) and Elani (1) for the first time.

Pori and her family were first re-acquainted from separate enclosures to see if they recognized each other and how they behaved around one another.

It didn’t take long before the two out-streched their trunks toward one another in a heart-warming embracing.

Even one of the grand-babies instinctively joined in on the love.

Shortly after their successful reunion, they were released into a more natural enclosure together.

“In the future, as far as possible, all elephant herds in European zoos will be maintained in such natural family structures. We got a big step closer to this goal today,” said the director of Bergzoo in Halle.

“We are proud to be the only zoo in Germany where only African elephant cows of a single mother line live together.”

In nature, male elephant calves leave the herd as soon as they are sexually mature to seek a mate, but female calves stay with their mothers their entire lives.

The news comes right after the United Kingdom outlawed the practice of keeping elephants in captivity. Maybe the rest of Europe will eventually follow suit, but until they do, the least they can do is keep families together.