Hummingbird Nests are as Small as a Thimble, Be Careful Not to Prune Them, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service Urges

Critically endangered hummingbird eggs are smaller than jellybeans, here’s how to spot and protect them:

Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Hummingbird eggs are tiny, about the size of jelly beans! Please remember to carefully check for nests before you trim trees and shrubs,” the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently urged gardeners in a Facebook post.

Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Thirty four hummingbird species are listed as “critically endangered,” which means they have a 50/50 chance of extinction within the next ten years.

So keeping an eye out for their tiny nests while pruning is critical to their survival.

The nests usually are built on a branch with a downward-slant, and often will be on a branch hanging over running water or open space, according to The Hummingbird Project.
Credit: Wikipedia
Hummingbirds construct their nests out of spider webs, lichen and plant matter, meaning they are extremely delicate.
Credit: Wikipedia

The lichen also does a good job of camouflaging their nests.

Credit: Wikipedia has some tips on how you can help create habitat for hummingbirds: