The U.S. Army is “Urgently Hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists” on

Looking for a job? The U.S. Army is now hiring “internment camp” guards!

It’s difficult to find a job in post-Covid America… If times get too tough, consider selling your soul to the devil:

The U.S. Army is now “urgently” hiring “internment/resettlement specialists” on

Get paid anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 to detain your fellow citizens.

There are plenty of Gulag guard positions still available in California and New York:

The Army is also “urgently hiring” in New Jersey, Massachussetts and Texas:

If you’re wondering exactly what an “internment/resettlement specialist” does, offers the following job description:

You may think the characterization of “internment/resettlement facilities” as “concentration camps” is unfair, but let’s take a look at what has to say:

This, in conjunction with the CDC openly describing its plan to detain “high-risk” coronavirus patients in “Green Zone” camps, is quite disturbing news.

Never forget! The Jews were not the only ones resettled into “camps,” and if people don’t wake up, they won’t be the last.